Mission and values


For every child to grow in a community that favors his flourishing and integral human fulfillment.


To promote the rights, and human rights of children.  By providing a psychosocial, educational, and economic support to those most in need, so that they may become independent,and become agents of development for their own communities.  

Guiding Principles

Dignity – We believe that every human being has an inherent worth, regardless of their social status, socioeconomic situation, ethnicity, or of their political or religious affiliation.

Compassion – We share the suffering of our neighbors, but do not pity them.  Instead, we help them get back on their feet. 

Tolerance – We welcome our differences as a source of strength and inspiration. We live together as members of the same family by respecting the liberties, convictions and opinions of one another. 

Humility – We recognize our limits and are open to any constructive contribution by our partners, so that we may improve our services. 

Integrity – We use all goods and donations towards the common good, and are fully transparent with all our partners as to the use of these goods.