Seattle University gives to Maggy a Honoris Causa Doctorate

The Seattle University in the US honours Marguerite Barankitse, founder of Maison Shalom with a Honoris Causa Doctorate. After more than two years, Maggy fled from Burundi, where she was accused by Burundian government to be a rebel after she didn’t keep silent when children and adult were killed by the police during demonstration against Pierre Nkurunziza’s application for a third term. All the accounts and activities of Maison Shalom were closed. In exile, she continues her mission to defend the life of deprived and to support them. Her work through Maison Shalom is recognized by the international community, which continues to invite her to speak in many international conferences. In less than two months, she received two honoris causa doctorates; one on the 24th of April from Rhodes University of South African Republic and another from Seattle University in the US on the11th of June 2017. Thanks to financial and technical support from different partners, Maison Shalom, created in 1993 by Maggy is supporting Burundian refugees in Rwanda in Education (nursery, secondary, vocational training and university), Psychosocial support, Livelihood and cultural promotion