About Maison Shalom

Giving back dignity and a radiant future to our children

Since its creation in 1993 by Marguerite Barankitse, Maison Shalom has been committed to giving dignity back to orphans of war, HIV/AIDS orphans, street children, children in prison, and children in various other forms of difficulty. 

A community approach

Maison Shalom is convinced that the best solution to guarantee a radiant future for each and every child, in an efficient and durable way, is to develop the child’s community. 

The programs of Maison Shalom include all the key sectors of a long-lasting and integral development; health, formal and professional education, peace education, culture, justice, and the promotion of income-generating activities. The individuals we assist are supported until they become self-sustaining

Through this holistic approach, Maison Shalom creates opportunities for the development of the child and the transformation of the members of his community into agents of development.  

Our motivation 

We fully believe in the accomplishment of our mission. Through determination, and friendship with our partners and friends who love and support us, we trust that our dream to see humanity shine and live the fullness of life will become a reality.