Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity 2016 in Rwanda

After Madame Marguerite Barakitse (founder of 'Maison Shalom') received the « Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity 2016 » in Armenia on the 24th of April 2016 (, a series of international conferences ( and diplomatic visits were organized. Yesterday, the long-awaited award arrived in Rwanda; where Marguerite Barankitse and her colleagues have found refuge and from where, since 2015, Maison Shalom has been pursuing projects in order to help Burundian refugees and other people in need.Marguerite Barankitse, first-time winner of this very award, expressed herself at a press conference that was held at the Umubano Hotel in Kigali. She said: " Although it is the thirty-fifth award I received, this one is very special; as I was given this prize at a difficult time for my mother Burundi. Meanwhile, when people hear about Burundi, they hear about murder and violence...This award erases all this humiliation and gives us hope. I prayed to have funds in order for young people to continue the studies they had to abandon...and I was deeply honored to receive a prize of the exact amount I was praying for."… CocktailA cocktail has been organized to share this joy of receiving the Aurora Prize in the presence of the Rwandese minister in charge of refugees, Representatives of other ministries, diplomatic and consular missions in Rwanda as well as local and international organizations."I could not keep this joy for myself, because this prize belongs to all of us my dear partners. More specifically to the people of Rwanda, who have welcomed us as brothers and sisters and whom have allowed us to share this love with he people in need. I also dedicate this prize to my partners and friends... Whether you are near or far away, your actions help us to stand strong to be able to share this joy. This wonderful prize pushes us further in this sublime and noble mission; that is sharing love and happiness." Marguerite Barankitse. The Rwandese Minister in charge of refugees congratulated Marguerite Barankitse and promised strong support in her activities to come and a solid help in the matter of refugees and other vulnerable people. "You are worthy of this prize and if possible we will give you more awards more often...never consider yourselves as mere refugees, but as important people whom we can contribute and share many things with. We will always be willing to help you in his noble quest, that is Love." Minister Séraphine Mukantabana  In a Burundi’s tradition setting, the representatives of the young Artists within the Burundian refugees community have handed over canvases referring to the reception of the Aurora Prize by Marguerite Barankitse.