Director’s message

“Man proposes and God disposes...» The last five years were marked by a transition from emergency to development in the community supported by Maison Shalom. Success began to show with high-quality care at REMA Hospital, the evolutionary dynamics of the Union of Cooperatives “GIRUBUNTU”, in the ITEKA Microfinance extension, the performance of the Paramedical School Saint Michel and Ruyigi International School, etc. Burundian crisis, which began April 26, 2015, has frozen all this progress dynamic to the surprise of the members of Maison Shalom, friends and the communities benefiting of all these interventions. Still, any work inspired by love never dies, as shows the progress made by Maison Shalom in six months since the beginning of its activities in Rwanda. These achievements were the result of the combined efforts of all of you, dear friends, dear partners, colleagues and our dear brothers and sisters Burundian refugees in Rwanda. We appreciate so much the cooperation of the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees Affairs "MIDIMAR", our technical and financial partners, UNHCR and its partners and refugees themselves. Thank you for your love that continues to light a candle in the darkness. Colleagues who work hard to serve our brothers and sisters Burundian refugees, I wish you better health and thank you for your everyday dedication.