Maggy’s 60th Birthday

“If you want to offer me presents for my 60th birthday, one kilo of sugar and rice for a not accompanied refugee children of Mahama camp would more please me.” (Maggy)  Marguerite Barankitse, Maison Shalom’s president blows her sixtieth candle with not accompanied refugee children in Mahama refugee camp. 1300 children ran away only without their parents, they benefit from a frame of frame in the camp but always need a parental comfort, which is lacking to them. It is the reason why Maggy asked her friends who want to celebrate her anniversary not to give him her luxurious presents as usual but to contribute to give one kilo of rice and one kilo of sugar and a dress to these children. In an atmosphere of enjoyment of birthday, Marguerite Barankitse, accompanied with her children, colleagues and friends lavished advices to these children, thanked the persons in charge of the camp of Mahama for their interventions in favor of the refugees. A representative of the not accompanied children thanked a lot Marguerite Barankitse and all the persons present and mentioned that many things miss them, especially loincloths for the girls and wipes for the boys. A mass of thanksgiving is planned on this July 21st, 2016 to thank the Lord of all its benefactions during all these 60 years