The world Day of the African Child, 2016

40 years after the shooting of Soweto which made 172 killed children, 13 days after the shooting of Muramvya and the selective detentions which followed in the various provinces of Burundi, we still get up to denounce these crimes in this day of the African child in memory of our children killed since April 26th. Maison Shalom will never stop; will never keep silent every time the children will be in danger.The tradition of this day, in memory of children died because of the cruelty of the adults was celebrated with the sick children, in prison or handicapped. Today, in exile we assist refugee children while thinking of all these innocent children killed by the police, the orphans because of this tyranny or who not having been able to run away undergo tortures and rapes of any kinds in prisons and these others who, just to have played with an image are struck to death and exclude schools. We celebrate the resistance to protect the biggest wealth, which has Burundi, CHILDREN. We send another call for peace, respect for the rights of the children and to the human dignity.